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A Hermit in Crisis

19 August
I'm a FEMALE (OOOooOOoOOo ant hills and all)

Um... I write random things, such as ramblings and rants... some people hate it and some tolerate it. I like getting advice/feedback, and i don't think i piss and moan when someone says something i don't agree with.

If you think you'd be interested in reading my stuff add me! I'll add you back, i'm not a snob... i thoroughly enjoy reading ALMOST everyone else's journals :-D I'm nosey like that

I only curse when i'm really frustrated and out of my mind! Otherwise i use words that some of you may think as immature but ya know what... i'm just immature okay :-D I make up a lot of sayings/words. It's how I roll.

I WAS a student at SEATTLE UNIVERSITY but um... ya know, the cash flow ran out and now I just work at a hotel at night... lending an ear when I can and enjoying it.

I'm obsessed with watching folks on you tube. This might be because I am the ULTIMATE PEOPLE WATCHER AKA ultimate stalker. I find any and everything about people interesting. Perhaps that explains my interest in psychology...

I'm still obsessed with serial killers and all that jazz. I hope to be a forensic photographer some day... it'll satisfy my urge to see the crazy gore of life WHILE being 'artsy'